COVID-19 and Return to Work: Critical OHS and Employment Law Considerations

June 10, 2020 | 12:00pm EST

As many organizations gradually transition their workforces from remote to on-site work environments, and others adapt to the new reality of permanently dispersed workforces, employers need to understand their health, safety, and workplace legal obligations. This webinar will provide critical information and practical guidance on what organizations need to be aware of when preparing for a healthy and safe work environment in a post-COVID world. What are the critical issues employers need to be aware of to ensure onsite safety? How will employers handle work refusals and accommodation requests? What are the critical steps in a safe and healthy transition?

  • Discuss how existing and newly introduced health and safety regulations impact organizations
  • What types of workforce accommodation and related requests might employers face?
  • How should employers handle workplace incidents and complaints that have been made to regulators?
  • Discuss logistical considerations including transiting to work, workplace set-ups and interoffice distancing measures
  • Examine the nuances of monitoring employee health and disclosing health information
  • What if an employee refuses to come back to work or if a worker tests positive?
  • Updating workplace policies, protocols and contingency plans