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The SEO Report is a simplified way to understand your digital visibility, how much search engines trust and recommend your content, and how likely you are to appear above your competitors.

Understanding your digital visibility

Potential clients and customers take many paths on their purchasing journey. Understanding how, and where, you appear digitally during this decision-making process is the key to securing future business.

A referral is likely to search for your company on google. Do you want them to see just your website? Or, do you want to ensure your authoritative articles and news mentions are front and centre as well?

A potential client might be searching to compare you against your competition. Are you sure your organization appears on top and looks trustworthy?

Search engines, social channels, media mentions, and published content are all necessary touch points to understand. The SEO report helps you to know where your organization stands now.

The SEO Report gives you three key metrics to measure your digital performance:

Authority Score

The authority score shows how much search engines and algorithms trust your website. The higher your score, the easier it is to appear in searches related to your industry and target market. If your score is low, any content you produce, or keywords you have targeted on your website, are likely to go unnoticed. If you fall below 40, it’s time to seriously reconsider your digital strategy.

Homepage Score

How often are people coming to, and sharing, your homepage?

The homepage score shows the credibility and volume of backlinks to your website’s homepage. A low score means people see little value in your homepage. If you score below 30, you need to evaluate the content and make sure it is meaningful for your target audience.

Backlink Score

Search engines use backlinks as a key factor in determining how trustworthy your organization is. Good backlinks come from having a large and authoritative digital footprint. If you fall below 30, you need to look at content production, social strategy, press releases, and every other digital touchpoint in your organization. Evaluate the quality of your content, and why people don’t feel comfortable sharing it or linking to you.