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Servicing Clients' Employment Law Needs in a COVID-19 Landscape

March 31, 2020 | 12:00pm EST

In this first in a series of webinars, we focus on how law firms are tackling some of the employment and OHS issues their clients are facing as they navigate and adapt to COVID-19.

Discover how law firms can address client’s legal needs when most interactions must be done remotely, the top employment law and safety issues clients are facing, how COVID-19 has impacted the nature of clients’ responsibilities with a dispersed workforce and client obligations for providing a safe and healthy work environment.

On the agenda:

  • What are the top employment and OHS questions clients are asking?
  • How can legal practitioners service clients needs effectively during the pandemic crisis
  • Update on the latest laws and regulatory changes from the federal, provincial and municipal governments
  • How does the Employment Standards Act impact client obligations?
  • What are the legal nuances of remote working and return to work – what accommodations does an employer need to provide?
  • Reducing workforces during and after a pandemic
  • Reviewing client responsibility for ensuring the mental health and wellbeing of their workforce
  • Practical advice for ensuring client information remains secure and privacy protected
  • Participate by submitting your most pressing legal questions to a panel of experts



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Rebecca Wise
Senior Associate
Torys LLP
Patrick Essiminy
Stikeman Elliott LLP

Daniel Wong
WeirFoulds LLP

Deanah I. Shelly
Mathews Dinsdale & Clark LLP